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List Of Problems That Occur In Seagate Hard Disks

Physical Problems

  • Files written to bad sectors- Seagate

  • Read/Write head crash- Seagate

  • Motor or electrical component failure- Seagate

  • Physical damage to the media- Seagate

  • Accidentally deleted files- Seagate

  • Virus attack- Seagate

  • Corrupt backups or application data- Seagate

  • Computer won't boot

  • Inaccessible drives and partitions

  • Applications that are unable to run or load data

Logical Problems

  • Deleted partition/logical drives- Seagate

  • Accidental reformatting of partitions- Seagate

  • Fires, floods and other disasters- Seagate

  • Corrupt file system/bad sectors- Seagate

  • Power surges- Seagate

  • Drive moved or dropped while operating- Seagate

  • Hard disk component failure (Clicking noise, HD not spinning)

  • Fire & water damage (Water spill or laptop got dropped to the water)

  • Media surface contamination and damage

  • Unintentional Formatting

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Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

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  • Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai
  • Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai
  • Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai
  • Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai
  • Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai


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Data Recovery adyar Reviewed by Mr.Vijayan.MBA Rating: 4.9, Chennai, #102, L.B Road, Adyar, Chennai - 600020, Chennai, Contact No :+91 9841983643

Packing & Courier Instructions

It’s easy to send the hard drive from one place to another place. But there may be certain failures occur to your hard drive due to the improper package. It leads to physical damage or any other damages during shipment. So to avoid those additional damages our Seagate data recovery professionals will guide you on how to pack your failure hard drives for data recovery.

Internal/External Laptop Hard Disks & USB/Portable Hard Drives :

STEP 1 : Please place your hard drive in an anti-static bag or Cover to avoid ESD or static electricity to damage during transit.

Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

STEP 2 : Wrap each hard drive individually with a few layers of bubble wrap. If there are multiple drives please wrap them each individually.

Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

STEP 3 : Place Hard drive inside a Box made of either Thermocol or Corrugated / Cardboard.

Choose a box that is in good shape, and fits the size of the hard drive with bubble wrap cover leaving a few inches of space on all sides. Make sure the drive is secure inside the box. Put more bubble wrap or crumpled paper around the drive as necessary to stop it from moving around.

Be sure the padding material is at least two inches thick around the drive. If you are shipping a portable hard drive please include the entire enclosure.

Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

STEP 4 : Next, Tape the box up securely and attach the mailing label with address and contact details outside the box. You need to send your hard drive to the below address : No.102, L.B. Road, Baktavatsalam Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020. (Contact : Mr. Vijayan - 9841983643)

Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

STEP 5 : And finally, choose good Courier company who can handle hard drives safely.

USB Flash Drives and SSD Drives :

Wrap your flash drive and its pieces in a couple layers of bubble wrap to secure it. Wrapping it in bubble wrap will keep it from potential further damage and sliding around inside the box. Padded envelopes are not adequate, and may not provide enough protection for the circuit board or memory chips during shipping. For CD / DVD, the package can be done with envelope available for CD/DVD Mailer for safety.

Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

USB Flash Drives and SSD Drives :

If your drive has suffered water damage, please do not dry it. Enclose the drive along with a damp sponge in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. Recovery is more likely if our engineers receive the drive before it has dried.

For Multiple Hard drives, above 3 Hard drives can be packed in the following manner in multiple hard drive cardboard box.

Seagate Data Recovery service in Chennai

Finally, DO NOT use foam peanuts, cloth, paper or newspaper or padded envelopes. When shipping more than one hard drive, ensure that the hard disks do not touch and are cushioned individually.
Use a corrugated cardboard box for the exterior packaging. Use of a traceable carrier that can provide proof of delivery is strongly recommended.

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