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Seagate Data Recovery is the all-in-one comprehensive data recovery service, provider. We provide NAS data recovery effortlessly for all Operating Systems, Manufacturers, and Configurations. Our data recovery specialists can recover data from all kind of NAS devices. We are well-armed with world-class tools, and advanced techniques to quickly and safely recover your inaccessible data from all kind of Network attached system. Our data recovery services includes all NAS Servers in addition to HDD, SSD, RAID, and SAN, a hard disk interface (SATA, PATA, SAS, or SCSI), etc.

Most common reasons for data loss from NAS Storage system :

Data loss Due to Physical Damage
  •   Power Failure : Due to voltage fluctuation or overvoltage.
  •   Defective NAS controllers : Creates errors during reformat, rebuilds, or reconfiguring.
  •   Mechanical Failure : Physical damages, PCB Failure, Firmware issues etc.
  •   Overheating : Produces due to server room inadequate cooling.
  •   Human errors : Reinstallation, reformatting, overwriting, etc.
  •   Natural disasters : Includes water damage, fire damage, contamination, pollution etc.
Data loss Due to Logical Damage
  •   Overwritten NAS storage configuration
  •   Power surge in power connector
  •   Failed RAID rebuilding
  •   Failed hard disk drive(s) in the array
  •   Deleted snapshots or VMware
  •   Meta-data corruption
  •   Snapshot management errors
  •   Data management errors

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